October 13, 2014

Guest Speakers: Scott Thornburg and John Vu of Eastwick Agency

How they got their positions:

  • John Vu- explains his story about how he got involved in east Wick through PRSSA regional conference and the connections that he made through PRSSA

How was the transition from SJSU to a real-life job?

  • John→ East wick is very employee and relationship focused so John was lucky because he felt like that he can get help, reach out for you, and root for you.
  • Scott→ was extremely involved in PRSSA and had various internships before he entered the PR world. Kept in contact with his professors who could help guide him.

Advice: Do anything that can help you grow within the field, Keep in contact with your friends and professors, Tailor your resume to what you are applying for, having a mentor can help boost your confidence and give you great insight. Number one thing that Scott looks for is → can you work with my team which has to do with personality, adaptability, and drive. Stay 2-3 months at a internships.

  • How did they balance having an internship while in school and work?
  • Find the right fit and it’s all about scheduling. Fix your classes to  your schedule and even talk to your boss so that they know where you are at because if you are not getting paid they can be flexible with you.

What are the ups and downs on working with a large agency?

  • Eastwick is privately own and is not a large company. At this time they are looking for people to hire because their client list is getting large.
  • In larger agencies you are not really seen and only might be working with only a few clients. So you might not be challenged enough which is something that can be great to learn from.
  • A mid-size agency can help strengthen your skills because you are an entry-level employee.

What are some things that you wish you knew before graduating?

  • Salary and how benefits work.
  • Things to say or not to say during an interview.
    • Skype interviews are better than phone interviews
  • Practice interviewing with friends and professors

What’s a good timespan for internships?

  • 2-3months and it matters about the outcome from the opportunity rather than having it.