October 20, 2014

Introduced the team and what they are covering

  1. Introductions
    • Deaira Irons
      • Account Director
      • Tech practice
      • 4 years @ Weber
    • Daffne Gavidia
      • Assistant Account executive
      • Tech Practice
      • 5 years @ Weber
  1. Overview Weber Shandwick
    • Have 2400 employees in 81 markets. 605 of clients are multi market and represent 50% of Fortune 100. Since there are international they speak 65 languages.
    • Cover tech, clean tech, health, digital media, and media experts.
    • They engage with multiple clients such as Motorola, GM, Skype, Netgear, Cover ca, Bank of America, Gigamon, Genentech
    • We are: Storytellers, Bloggers, Builders, Directors, Conversation-starters, Analysts, Strategists, Writers, Nutritionists, Content developers, curators, Artists etc.
    • Bread and Butter is media relations which is the Lead Media team covers.
  • Campaign examples
    • Motorola global Product Launch
      • On sept 4th 120 tech companies were invited to the headquarters in Chicago to introduce 4 highly anticipated products
        • Results: had 1700 articles published, tone of global media coverage is 79% fact-based
  1. Our internship program
  2. Advice and Q&A
    • Advice
      • Be polite, but aggressive,
      • jump out on a limb,
      • network and impress,
      • clean up your social media,
      • work for free,
      • if you can (just to start),
      • embrace the 24hr workday,
      • absorb everything Questions
    • Questions
      • Internships
        • Only hire graduates
          • So apply a little before graduation
          • Do internships before then
        • What If a reporter writes something bad about your client
          • Be preventive and make sure their facts are correct
        • Pitching
          • Know who you are pitching to (in regards to Journalist)
            • Tie them together and tailor it to the reporter
            • More than one person
          • Suggestions for standing out
            • Following up, politely
            • Network with them


  1. Dues are $70 on Oct 27th
    1. Socials
    2. Agency Tours