4 Tips to Making it In Media Relations

by Elsabete Kebede

Media relations is a key behind-the-scenes part of the public relations industry. Yes, getting media coverage is a win, but there is a lot of effort behind it. If you are curious about media relations and want some insight on how to do well, below are four tips by industry professionals shared at NextGenPR.

1. Befriend the media

Don’t only pitch press when you need something from them. Reach out when you have something to give them. You’re genuinely trying to build a relationship. It’s about cultivating honesty and trust.

Robyn Harney, Publicist at Sony Pictures

Public relations professionals work hand-in-hand with journalists. So, instead of only reaching out to them when you need something, be kind and offer something in turn. Take them out to lunch to talk about things other than your work. Offer an extra ticket to an event you know they would enjoy. Shoot them a happy birthday message. It is all about cultivating a trusting and genuine long-lasting relationship, so be a good friend. That can take you far.

2. See the bigger picture

It’s being prepared and having your plans in place, but then also being able to turn on a dime and change the plan

Yvonne Graham, Publicity Director at Disney-ABC

In the world of PR, having a plan is critical but also know that nothing is definite. Crises happen: cars break down and your schedule is thrown into chaos, someone says something they shouldn’t have, etc. It’s important to have Plan A but make sure to have a contingency plan. Think big and be capable of taking different avenues to meet the end goal.

3. Order some inner strength (in bulk)

I remember my first internship the very first pitch call, I got yelled at by the New York Times. And it’s just brushing that off. It’s hard being the recipient of someone’s bad day, but there are other forces at play. It’s not about you.

Jessica Nueman, Media Manager and Senior Account Executive at Westbound Communications

People probably will yell at you. You also will get rejected multiple times, but don’t take it personally. Brush it off, get even more creative with your pitches and keep moving forward.

4. Read.

“I read every single morning. I read the LA Times, I have Google alerts for all of my venues. I get through all the headlines and get the gist. And who wrote it is important. You need be up on whatever it is.

Vanessa Kromer, Vice President of Communications at Nederlander Concerts

PR is not just about writing well; it’s about reading well too. Stay up to date on the news revolving around your specific company and what is happening in the world. Be cognizant of and sensitive to unexpected events and tragedies. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the happenings in Washington. By educating yourself on what is going on in society, you become a better communicator, ultimately making you more valuable.