Code for Communications

by Brandy Suarez-Aguilar

We all know that the idea of working in beauty, fashion or entertainment industries can be glamorous and exciting. As public relations practitioners, it is easy to get become fixated on celebrities and big brands. However, it is a great time for students to be entering the workforce as more technology companies expand their public relations and communications teams.

At this year’s PRSSA National Conference,  Brandi Boatner, Brand Communications Manager and “Beyonce of the Business World,” stressed that it is time for girls to “Run the World” and code for communications.

For many mass communications students that attended the conference, the idea of taking courses in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) may seem intimidating. With a growing number of women entering the intersection of communications and technology, Boatner advocated for women to add coding to their long list of skills on their resume.

When trying something new, it is important to set yourself up for success. Many universities offer communications classes emphasizing a role with technology. Boatner also suggested students follow along with podcasts, utilize online tutorials and blogs as resources to practice your new skills outside of the classroom.

Technology is constantly evolving only making joining professional societies, finding mentors and expanding your network as crucial as can be to success in the world of tech-PR.

Attending events including the annual Women in Technology Summit offers business opportunities, ideas for innovative solutions and leadership initiatives in an inclusive environment designed to educate and support women.

If you do decide to enter the field of technology communications, it is unlikely that coding will be listed as a prerequisite during the application process. However, companies are looking for thought leadership and problem solvers.

Experience in STEM, specifically coding, is a great way to set yourself apart and bring solutions to the table.