Moving on from PRSSA to PRSA

By Mahdis Bidokhti

I joined my local PRSSA chapter at San José State University three years ago. Now, as a senior, I had the opportunity to attend my second and final PRSSA National Conference in Austin, TX.

Throughout the conference I was able to network with professionals, enhance my knowledge of public relations, meet students from all around the country interested in the same career and try some really great food options in the city. I even had the chance to catch up with my old friend, Immediate Past PRSSA National President, Andrew Cook.

My experience at the national conference made me reflect upon my gratitude for The PRSSA National Society, PRSSA SJSU and PRSA Silicon Valley, my local chapter. These organizations allowed me to learn about the industry outside of my public relations classes, inspiring me to plan on how I can continue to be involved in the future.

PRSA Silicon Valley does an amazing job of supporting our PRSSA students at SJSU, always reaching out to include us in their events. I’ve been lucky enough to experience the generosity of alumni and Bay Area professionals, a major reason why I was able to attend my second PRSSA National Conference.

Graduating seniors are in a great position to give back to the organization and help students looking for professional development opportunities in the mass communications industry. When PRSSA students graduate from their university, they can join a local PRSA chapter.

PRSA Silicon Valley offers mentorship and guidance, while fostering inclusive and meaningful friendships. Though joining PRSA is the next step for me, my goal is to continue my relationship with PRSSA by sharing my network and resources with students looking to enter the public relations industry. I hope to make a difference and add to their experience at San José State University. I want to provide support, insight and feedback in order to make their transition from PRSSA to PRSA as easy as possible, like current members have done for me.