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December 2nd, 8:30am 2016


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Fall Reconnect


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We hosted our first ever networking event on Nov. 4, 2016. In an effort to help our members and the student body at SJSU prepare for the professional world, we provided students the opportunity to meet and hear from some of the best professionals here in the Silicon Valley.

PRSSA hosted a crisis management workshop on October 25, 2016. Dealing with a crisis is never an easy situation, but with the right tools and skills under your belt you can make it seem like nothing ever happened. Board members educated our members on some of the crisis management DOs and DONT’S. Members were then split into four teams and assigned a current or trending crisis to resolve. The winning team incorporated creativity and what they learned from the presentation to develop a working crisis management plan. Congratulations to that team, hope you enjoy you Starbucks gift card!

Nationals Fall 2016


Read this article by Karly Tokioka about her experience at the 2016 National Conference.

I spent the last 5 days in Indianapolis, surrounded by hundreds of future public relations leaders. I spent my days immersed in professional development sessions and my nights networking and building relationships with fellow Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) members from around the country.

Having attended my first national conference in Atlanta last year, I stepped into this year’s conference well-prepared and ready to learn. Here are some of the most important takeaways:

Teamwork really does make the dream work

The conference provided several opportunities to work with other student leaders. During Friday’s chapter development session, I listened to other successful chapters give advice about recruiting and inspiring new members, as well as transitioning to new positions within the chapter.

Big thank you to the PRSSA chapters at Eastern Michigan University and Rowan University for sharing your knowledge!

Then, I attended the Presidents’ leadership workshop, where I got to hear from PR power couple Dr. Dan and Karen Millar. They presented us with a variety of scenarios and asked us to brainstorm ways to respond, then shared with us how they handled those situations. Afterwards we broke out into groups where we worked with other presidents to share our experience and how we overcome obstacles within our own chapters.

This truly helped me grow as a leader, as I was able to share my successes and learn from the success of others.

I also attended an officer discussion session, where we broke out into small groups and identified three common obstacles that we face within our chapters. Then, we brainstormed and developed innovative ways in which to tackle those issues. This discussion provided me an opportunity to experience hands-on problem solving with a group of like-minded individuals who face the same struggles that I do.

These constructive development sessions were extremely beneficial. I was able to work with other leaders to develop ways to overcome common challenges and I was able to share some of my successful strategies and tactics to those who needed it.

The collective effort of student leaders from around the country was a great way to experience true teamwork and collaboration.

Networking really is the key to success

We hear it all the time: network, network, network! Networking really is critical to success- this industry is all about who you know and how you can leverage those connections.

PRSSA has provided me with the opportunity to meet so many people. Not only do I have a solid network within my chapter, but with people from around the country. Attending these conferences has given me the chance to meet other members and professionals. I exchanged business cards at least 10 times a day, engaged with other conference attendees on social media, and spoke with potential employers about upcoming job opportunities.

Always be sure to make friends with the people you meet, and stay in contact. This is how you grow your network. You never know when those connections will come in handy.

Inspiration can be found anywhere

I found myself inspired by just about everything I experienced at this year’s conference. I was inspired by the guest speakers, inspired by the other chapters, and inspired by the other student leaders.

Sitting in a room with hundreds of like-minded individuals who share my passion is inspiration in itself. It tells me that I have a great career to look forward to with people who are just as serious about the future as I am.

The whole purpose of this conference is to inspire the next generation of PR professionals to develop their skills and learn more about the industry. I can honestly say that this was accomplished. I am leaving Indianapolis with a notebook full of advice, a wallet full of new business cards, and a heart full of love and hope for the future.

I feel so much more prepared for the next chapter of my life. And I can’t wait to attend next year’s conference as a PRSA member!

Did you attend this year’s PRSSA national conference in Indianapolis? Share some of your experience in the comments below! Or take the conversation to Twitter.

Key Takeaways From the 2016 PRSSA National Conference

Resume Building


If you haven’t already, send your resumes over to Carly, Tammy, or Dominic from High Tech Connect. They will give your resume feedback and add you to their ConNEXT student program!