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Finding yourself with more free time than you know what to do with? Join an upcoming PRSA webinar and connect with PR professionals from your home! Most of these webinars are free for members. Make sure that the PRSSA member discount still applies before checking out!

  • February 8th at 2 PM PST Love Yourself, Love your Career: The Balance Between Social Media and Mental HealthJoin this session with PRSSA and the Marketing Manager of Social Engagement for McDonald’s to hear aboutthe impact social platforms have on our mental health. This session will discuss how to balance the two, ways to unplug, what to do with the content you are consuming, and how to continue to love a career in digital media.
  • February 19 at 11 am PST PRSA SV #FridayForums Multi-Cultural Media in a Pandemic  Join to hear Julian Do, Director of Media Relations at Ethnic Media Services, offer practical information about how to tap into multicultural media, support the field, increase community strength, and share critical communications.

You can also find public relations and communications training courses on the PRSA Calendar of Events