Tiona Jenkins

Director of Chapter Development

Tiona Jenkins is our Director of Chapter Development, and it’s her job to welcome and recruit new members as well as take good care of our current members! One of her goals is to increase the number of freshmen and sophomores in the organization, expanding our resources to these new students who may feel uncertain about their career paths. 

Tiona started at San Jose State University as an English/Creative Writing major, where she found she had a knack for creatively putting together a story. It wasn’t until she realized she could bring together her storytelling and detailed business skills that she switched over to PR. 

Her big dream is to start an online fashion boutique with an in-person styling component where clients can rent clothes that she herself designs or owns. And her advice for incoming freshmen would be to own their decisions with confidence!

“Every decision won’t always be a good decision but it’s how you choose to come back from it that matters.”